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Social studies 3rd Quiz

1) a well know inventor and Founding Father. He proved that lightening was a form of electricity, and he also invented bifocal glasses, lightning rods, and the Franklin stove. He also help write the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. : Pierre-Charles L'Enfant
2) helped design Washington, DC. His ideas and plans are seen in the layout of the White House and the Capitol : Sam Walton
3) was a slave who escaped to the North for freedom. Once she was free, she led more than 300 slaves to freedom over the next ten years. She used a system called the Underground Railroad to help others to get to freedom : Benjamin Franklin
4) started the American Red Cross : Pierre-Charles L'Enfant
5) was a doctor who found a vaccine for polio : Jonas Salk
Created on: 5/17/2017
# of questions: 18

This quiz is hosted by QuizMEOnline

This quiz is hosted by QuizMEOnline
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