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Quiz Set (4/19/2017)

1) How much restitution can an applicant owe and still be eligible for clemency, and what type? : For RCR, FA, and FP the applicant may not owe over $1.00. Restitution is not a disqualification for COS cases.
2) What offenses are suspected to have restitution? : DUI, death, property damage, theft, fraud, bodily injury.
3) Where must you check for restitution? : CDC - OP03 (probation) OP13 (Prison), CCIS - Docket Notes
4) What are the account types for restitution in CDC? : 01- Restitution, 05- Crimes Comp. (Atty. Gen/Office of Victims Comp.), 22- PTI Restitution
5) How can you determine the number of times an applicant was sentenced to serve a term of either supervision or prison? : You look at the number of PFX's in DC12,PP01, OP03/OP13. Prison terms go like this: "0, A, B, C" Supervision terms are : "01 ,02, 03"
Created on: 4/19/2017
# of questions: 20

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This quiz is hosted by QuizMEOnline
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