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1) Aeration : the process of incorporating air into food products to increase the volume and create a light, airy texture. It can be aerated by: Biological ingredients: yeast Chemical ingredients: baking powder Mechanical actions: sifting, whisking
2) caramelization : when sugar begins to decompose when exposed to high temperatures using dry heat.
3) coagulation : form of denaturation that occurs when there is a permanent change in protein from a liquid into a thick mass as a result of heat or the addition of foods.
4) denaturation : described the permanent structural change of the protein molecules in food. This can occur by the application of heat, mechanical action or the addition of acids.
5) dextrinisation : the process that occurs when a starch is exposed to dry heat; the starch is broken down into dextrin, resulting a change of colour to go golden brown.
Created on: 3/20/2017
# of questions: 8

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This quiz is hosted by QuizMEOnline
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