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Pride and Prejudice Quiz
Quiz on Pride and Prejudice
1) 1. Darcy’s annual income is: : 10 thousand
2) Mr. Bingley’s annual income is: : Four or Five thousand
3) Mr. Bennet’s annual income is : Two thousand
4) Mr. Bennet's estate is called : Longbourn
5) Mr. Bingley's estate is called : Netherfield

Created on February 27, 2012
# of questions: 10

Road Guard & Fifth Code of Conduct Quiz

1) After the flight is across the intersection and the road guards are in, the Cadet Flt/CC does not give further commands until rejoining the flight. : False
2) On command, "Road Guards Out", the left road guard will go to the ___________ and the right road guard will go to the __________. : furthest lane, closest lane
3) Once the flight is through the intersection, the Cadet Flt/ CC will halt the flight and command, : Road Guard Out
4) You required safety equipment (only when pulling road guard as a detail) are flourescent/reflective vest and reflective helmet. : True
5) Cadets will not "piggyback" units when crossing the streets unless directed to do so by : the Cadet Flt/CC

Created on February 26, 2012
# of questions: 12

British & American words Quiz
A quiz for English students at pre-intermediate level.
1) What is the British word for ELEVATOR? : lift
2) What is the British word for SUBWAY? : underground
3) What is the British word for GAS? : petrol
4) What is the British word for PANTS? : trousers
5) What is the British word for SIDEWALK? : pavement

Created on February 25, 2012
# of questions: 17

Diabetes quiz
refresher on what you know.
1) adults get type 1 diabetes : False
2) adults and older people get type 2 diabetes : True
3) gestational diabetes is only in pregnant women : True
4) diabetes is when you dont have enough fat in your body : True
5) insulin is what diabetic people dont have enough of in their body : True

Created on February 23, 2012
# of questions: 10

Anatomy Respiratory Practise Quiz

1) Which one of these are a function of the respiratory system? : Breathing in carbon dioxide
2) Which one of these is the pattern of breathing which means redused pulmonary ventilation? : Hyperventilation
3) Carbon dioxide loading is called the Haldane Effect : True
4) What is the formula for Functional Residual Capacity : ERV+RV
5) The respiratory system doesn't afferent connections to the brainstem : True

Created on February 23, 2012
# of questions: 9

Ch. 8 Lesson 1 Vocabulary - social studies
Lesson 1: Trouble Over Taxes
1) Williamsburg, Virginia : city in southeastern Virginia, capital of the colony of Virginia from 1699-1779
2) New York City, New York : largest city in the United States; located in southeastern New York
3) Boston, Massachusetts : capital and largest city in Massachusetts
4) King George III : King of Britain during the time of the American Revolution
5) Patrick Henry : Virginia Patriot and lawyer known for his bold speeches in support of American independence

Created on February 23, 2012
# of questions: 15

Comm. Theories Exam #2 THEORIES.

1) the process of developing deeper intimacy with another person through mutual self-disclosure and other forms of vulnerability. What theory is this describing, who is the theorist? : Social Penetration Theory; Altman and Taylor
2) The relationship behavior and status regulated by both parties evaluations of perceived rewards and costs of interaction with each other? What theory is this? : Social exchange theory
3) The increased knowledge of what kind of person another is, which provides an improved forecast of how a future interaction will turn out. What theory is this describing, who is the theorist(s)? : Uncertainty reduction theory; Berger
4) Relationships grow to the extent that parties first gain information about each other and then form impressions about them. Closely connected with CMC. What theory is this describing, who is the theorist(s)? : Social Information processing; Walther
5) The dynamic knot of contradictions in personal relationships; an unceasing interplay between contrary or opposing tendencies. What theory is this describing, who it the theorist(s)? : Relational Dialectics; Baxter and Montegomery

Created on February 23, 2012
# of questions: 7

Comm. Theories Exam #2 Chapter 16
Chapter 16
1) The elaboration likelihood model is based upon the research of : Petty and Cacioppo
2) active thought is a necessity when it comes to the peripheral route of persuasion. : True
3) Which of the following are peripheral cues: : Sex Appeal
4) Whenever someone is using the central route of persuasion they allow the audience to actively think about a situation or proposal. : True
5) Once somebody has the ability to do a task, they must have the motivation to complete it. : True

Created on February 22, 2012
# of questions: 8

Comm. Theories Exam #2 Chapter 14
Chapter 14
1) The theorist behind interactional view is : Waltzlawick
2) Content messages is how something is being said, no what is being said. : True
3) Watzlawick's definition of metacommunication is? : How I see myself, how I see you, and how I see you, seeing me.
4) Kyle is the father to Patrick. Kyle is the number one singles in tennis, and Patrick is the top golfer in the town. This relationship holds what type of interchange/communication? : Symmetrical interchange
5) A complementary interchange is : the interaction based on accepted differences of power.

Created on February 22, 2012
# of questions: 15

Comm. Theories Exam #2 Chapter 12 Quiz
Chapter 12
1) External dialectics are ongoing tensions between a couple and personal beliefs. : True
2) Jess is in love with an Irish man, Joe, however her family is a very religious Indian family. She is too afraid to tell her parents and her Indian community about Joe. Her and Joe's relationship is struggling to manage the external dialectic of? : inclusion-seclusion
3) Mary has a kept a journal her whole life, and has never shared it with anyone. This makes John think that she is keeping something from him. They are struggling the internal dialectic of? : openness-closedness
4) Mary and John just got engaged, however they are not sure when it the right to time to tell their family and friends. They are struggling the external dialectic of? : revelation-concealment.
5) The external dialectic for integration and separation is? : inclusion-seclusion

Created on February 22, 2012
# of questions: 16

Comm. Theories Exam #2 Quiz Chapter 11
Chapter 11
1) Who is the theorist for the Social Information Processing Theory? : Walther
2) CMC-computer mediated communication is : can be more intimate than physically developed relationships
3) Impression formation is the mental image one forms of another. : True
4) Verbal cues are a not necessary during a CMC relationship because nonverbal cues can also be created. : True
5) Verbal cues in CMC relationships: : help people create fully formed impressions.

Created on February 22, 2012
# of questions: 12

Comm. Theories Exam #2 Quiz Chapter 10
Chapter 10
1) Message plans are verbal representations of action sequences that may be used to achieve goals. : True
2) If I make up a conversation with someone in my head before the actual conversation happens I am using : Message plans
3) These are the three specific information strategies: passive, active, inter-passive. : True
4) An example of passive strategy is : people watching
5) Example of active strategy is : Asking a friend about their friend

Created on February 22, 2012
# of questions: 22

Comm. Theories Exam #2 Chapter 9 Quiz
1) If Mary's ex boyfriend was a jerk than her comparison level would be low. : True
2) Mary is in an abusive relationship, however is very financially stable. If she stays with her husband she believes there is no better situation. This is describing : Comparison level of alternatives
3) Outcomes are : connected with the uncertainty reduction theory
4) Social exchange theory suggests : that both parties evaluate the perceived rewards and cots of interaction with each other.
5) Altman and Baxtor are the theorists for social penetration theory : false

Created on February 22, 2012
# of questions: 14


1) hfdhdfh : gsdgsdg
2) gsdfhsdf : sdfhdsh
3) hsdfhsdhsdf : True

Created on February 22, 2012
# of questions: 3

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