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Quiz Set (6/21/2017)

Created on June 21, 2017
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Ch. 1 Quiz
CRC Prep
1) The primary function of the Smith Fess Act of 1920 was to : Launch the civilian vocational rehabilitation program in the US
2) An impairment is only a "disability" under the ADA if it substantially limits one or more major life activities. The concept of substantially linking is based on : severity
3) The Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1984 : Mandated that all public transit buses equipped with lifts
4) State rehabilitation agencies were mandated to increase the utilization of rehabilitation engineering by persons with disabilities by the : Rehabilitation Act of 1973
5) The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 mandated : Program evaluation for state-federal rehabilitation agencies

Created on June 20, 2017
# of questions: 20

world history 1111
midterm exam quizzes 1-4
1) What is the correct order of events? : Bi-pedal hominids in Africa, Homo habilis begins to use tools, Homo sapiens expand out of Africa, humans begin to make pottery
2) How did the earliest people get to Australia and New Zealand? : There was no dry crossing available, so they were the first sea-faring colonizers
3) What is the difference between the terms “Hominids” and “Hominins”? : Hominids” broadly refers to all Great Apes, including humans and their ancestors, whereas “hominins” refers more specifically to modern humans and their more recently extinct ancestors
4) Early farmers of which region grew rye, barley, and wheat as their main crops? : West Asia or the Fertile Crescent
5) The Younger Dryas event caused : Many wild food staples in Syria to disappear

Created on June 20, 2017
# of questions: 35

Quiz Set (20/06/2017)

1) Si definisce posizionamento l’insieme di iniziative volte a definire le caratteristiche del prodotto e ad impostare il marketing mix più adatto per attribuire una certa posizione al prodotto nella mente del consumatore : Vero
2) La logistica fa riferimento al processo di acquisto e di gestione delle scorte dei materiali diretti all’alimentazione dei cicli di lavorazione. Il suo obiettivo è assicurare “economicità” della gestione degli acquisti ma non di preservare la continuità dei cicli di lavorazione : Falso
3) Il Vantaggio Competitivo consiste nell’individuare gli elementi sui quali si formano le preferenze dei clienti e nel riuscire a caratterizzare la propria offerta in modo che sia da questi percepita e valutata positivamente – superiorità nei confronti dei concorrenti immediati : Vero
4) Secondo Schumpeter, il focus dell’imprenditorialità è da invenire nella promozione dell’innovazione : Vero
5) Il concetto di responsabilità sociale d’impresa (CSR) è fondato sul contratto sociale che ogni impresa stipula con i propri dipendenti per definire obblighi e diritti connessi con il proprio funzionamento : Falso

Created on June 20, 2017
# of questions: 41

ulangan 2 Quiz

1) فی المدرسة ......... : سيارة

Created on June 20, 2017
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ulangan 2

1) فی المدرسة ......... : دکان

Created on June 20, 2017
# of questions: 1

Bureautique Quiz

1) Windows est : un outils de présentation
2) Word est : un tableur
3) Excel est : un tableur

Created on June 20, 2017
# of questions: 3

Test 1
1) Test : A
2) Test 2 : B
3) Test 3 : C

Created on June 20, 2017
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1) What are the Categories of Burns? Select all that apply. : Third Degree Burns (Full Thickness)
2) Which type of burn is dry, red, has no blisters, and involves the epidermis only? : Third Degree Burn (Full Thickness)
3) Which type of burn is moist, has blisters, and extends beyond the epidermis? : Second Degree Burns (Partial Thickness)
4) Which type of burn is dry, leathery, black, pearly, waxy; and extends from the epidermis to the dermis to the underlying tissues, fat, muscles, and/or bone. : Third Degree Burns (Full Thickness)
5) According to the Adult rule of Nine's, what percentage is each arm considered if burned? : 9%

Created on June 20, 2017
# of questions: 28

Acid - Base Imbalances Quiz

1) Which Acid-Base Imbalance has the Following Characteristics: 1. Results from decreased alveolar ventilation. 2. In acute respiratory failure, there is a sharp rise is pCO2 with only a small increase in plasm HCO3. After 6-12 hours, the increase in pCO2 will evoke the renal compensatory mechanism, but this takes several days to manifest. 3. pH < 7.35 with pCO2 >45 : Respiratory Acidosis
2) The following signs and symptoms are for which Acid-base imbalance? 1. Somnolence and Confusion, Coma. 2. Myoclonus with Asterixis. 3. Increased cerebral blood flow causes increased CSF pressure causing increased ICP : Respiratory Acidosis
3) Which Acid-Base Imbalance has the following Lab / Diagnosistics? 1. Low Arterial pH (< 7.35). 2. PCO2 > 45 mm Hg. 3. Serum HCO3 > 26 mEq/L. 4. Low serum chloride (< 93) in chronic patients : Respiratory Acidosis
4) What is the Management for Respiratory Acidosis? Select all that apply. : Naloxone (Narcan) for all patients with no obvious cause : 0.4 - 2mg
5) Which type of Acid-Base Imbalance is characterized by hyperventilation that decreases arterial pCO2 and increases pH. Clinical Symptoms are related to decreased cerebral blood flow? : Respiratory Alkalosis

Created on June 20, 2017
# of questions: 24

Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances Quiz

1) What is the most common electrolyte Imbalance? : Hyponatremia
2) What is the first step in treating Hyponatremia? : Since there are Multiple causes, the first step to treatment is to determine the cause
3) What should be included in the evaluation of a patient with Hyponatremia? Select all that apply. : Clinical Status
4) What is normal Urine Sodium? : 10 - 30 mEq/L
5) What is normal Serum Osmolality? : 2 x Na (usually 375 - 385)

Created on June 19, 2017
# of questions: 53

¿ Estoy preparado para atender en primeros auxilios a cualquier situación de riesgo?
1) Debo buscar las respiraciones una vez que la cabeza está inclinada hacia atrás y observar si el pecho se eleva y desciende : True

Created on June 19, 2017
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Quiz Set (6/15/2017)

1) L'energia es conserva en tot tipus de proces y en totes les transformacions de energia. : True

Created on June 19, 2017
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Quiz Set (6/16/2017)

Created on June 19, 2017
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