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1) satu A : C
2) Pilih B : C

Created on September 04, 2017
# of questions: 2

Coba Aja
Like This
1) Tunjukkan Salah satu a : ddddx
2) jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj : aaaaa

Created on September 04, 2017
# of questions: 2

Soal Praktikum
Soal ini digunakan untuk latihan
1) aaaaaa : bbbbbbb
2) bbbbbb : ccccccc
3) cccccc : dddddd

Created on September 04, 2017
# of questions: 3

Test TIC
Repassant continguts
1) La opció correcta és la 2 : 4

Created on September 04, 2017
# of questions: 1

Êtes-vous une personne de réseau ?
1) 1. Je fais partie d’une association ou d’un groupe de personnes pratiquant une activité commune : OUI
2) 2. On m’invite souvent à des fêtes : OUI
3) 3. J’ai plus de 4 amis proches : OUI
4) 4. J’ai tendance à juger les gens sévèrement : NON
5) 5. Il m’arrive assez souvent de retrouver une personne que j’ai perdue de vue : OUI

Created on September 03, 2017
# of questions: 7

"J'ai tué papa" Quiz
Inédit - littérature suisse - extrait d'Antoine - Mélanie Richoz
1) A. L'auteure du texte "J'ai tué papa" vit à Bulle, dans le canton de Fribourg... : False
2) B. "bio" est l'abréviation ( = raccourcissement d'un mot ou d'un groupe de mots) de: : 2. biographique
3) C. C'est le petit Antoine qui a tué son papa... : True
4) D. Antoine ne pleure pas. Mais que fait-il d'autre... : 1. Il boude
5) E. Antoine s'est couché à côté de son papa, sur le tapis du salon. : True

Created on September 03, 2017
# of questions: 11

"J'ai tué papa"
Inédit - Littérature suisse - extrait du texte de Mélanie Richoz
1) L'auteur du texte "J'ai tué papa" vit à Bulle, dans le canton de Fribourg. : True

Created on September 03, 2017
# of questions: 1

General Meteorology Quiz

1) 1. Which answer best describes Earth's atmosphere? : Mostly oxygen with about 21% carbon dioxide

Created on September 03, 2017
# of questions: 1

Social Studies Unit 2 Quiz
James Oglethorpe
1) James Oglethorpe was a wealthy, well-educated member of: : England's Parliament
2) James Oglethorpe was upset people were thrown in jail for: : Treason
3) Oglethorpe wanted to improve the quality of life for all of England's citizens and tried his best to help everyone in need. : True
4) What year did Oglethorpe talk about helping the poor in England? : 1710
5) In 1730, what did Oglethorpe ask King George II for? : A charter of land

Created on September 02, 2017
# of questions: 6


1) Tedious : tiring/dreary
2) lamentable : regrettable/distressing
3) entrated : asked sincerely/begged
4) afflictions : pains/hardships
5) plunder : goods seized/especially during wartime

Created on August 31, 2017
# of questions: 8

Quizz : les 9 scandales d'Apple
Connais tu si bien Apple ?
1) Quel était le gros problème de l'Iphone 4, à sa sortie ? : Les fans attendaient plutôt l'Iphone 3

Created on August 31, 2017
# of questions: 1

Guiding To Pick Out the Right Headphones via Important Specifications (Part 1)-Make Sense of Headphone Frequency Response Quiz
What do we care about when picking up a new set of over ear headphones? Some factor like the look and comfort are personal preference. Headphones specifications are a surprisingly complicated business. Today I’m going to explain headphone frequency response, and tell you how to identify the best headset via headphone spec.
Frequency response indicates the range of audio frequencies the headphones can reproduce. It’s measured in Hertz, with the lowest number representing the amount of bass, and the highest treble. Most headphones have a stated frequency response of around 20-20,000Hz, which matches that of human hearing.
The numbers are not really a good indicator of sound quality, though they can help you choose the right headphones for a particular type of music. For instance, if you want lots of bass, then you should look for headphones that support a low bass frequency.
Learn to read headphone frequency response graphs let's go over understanding headphone frequency response graphs. Often times reviewers use graphs to illustrate how great or poor is. You can better understand how well the wireless and wired headphone may perform by understanding how to read the graph. Again, this is not the only indication of how good a headphone is.
In theory, the line on a frequency response graph should be relatively flat line since the range demonstrates the headphone's ability to reproduce all frequencies equally. A "natural sounding" headphone is said to be slightly higher in the bass between 40Hz and 500Hz. That's where bass instruments and deep male vocals live, remember?!
If the line on the graph is slightly higher on the left side that means the headphones produce sound with more bass response. If the right side of the graph is higher than the left, that means the wireless headphones have a greater response in the mid, highs, and treble. That headset would be considered bright.
Bluetooth headphones have to compensate for the drivers being so close to the ear in the highs, so the highs are "rolled-off" and illustrated by a gradual sloping flat line from 1kHz to about 8-10dB down to 20kHz. In addition, small spikes at higher frequencies are normal as that is due to reflection cancellations in the folds and ridges in the outer part of the ear. But, sharp spikes in frequency (peaks and deep valleys) over 3,000Hz or so are indications of when the headphone sounds harsh.
So much for frequency response, please continue to follow next blog about headphone impedance.

1) Make Sense of Headphone Frequency Response : So much for frequency response, please continue to follow next blog about headphone impedance.

Created on August 31, 2017
# of questions: 1

headphones with switch Quiz
how to use bluetooth headphones with Switch
1) How To Use Mixcder Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Nintendo Switch or PS4? : Recently Mixcder has received some bad reviews because of that Mixcder made with wireless Bluetooth headphones is unavailable to use with Switch or PS 4 wirelessly. Today I’m here to explain why your switch cannot be used with Bluetooth headphones, and how to solve this problem.1. Why Bluetooth headphones can’t be used with Switch or PS 4 The answer is very simple, the Switch or PS 4 doesn’t support Bluetooth. There is no problem with Bluetooth headphones. If you have any question about our product, please contact Mixcder customer service representative for fast help.2.How to use Switch or PS 4 with Bluetooth headset There is a way you can use your Bluetooth headset with your Switch or PS 4, but you will have to fork over some extra cash to get the accessories in order to hook it up. And luckily, Mixcder offers such a device, TR008 Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, which can connect headphones with Switch or PS 4.3.2 steps to connect TR008 transmitter to Switch or PS41). Connect TR 008 transmitter to Switch or PS 4 with a 3.5mm audio cable that comes along with TR008.2). Turn the toggle switch to the “TX” mode. The TR008 will be in a wireless transmitter mode.3). Press the “power” button for about 3 seconds to start the device.4). Turn on your Bluetooth headphones and press the “pairing” button of TR008. Then the pairing process will complete automatically. 5) When the two devices’ pairing process is completed, you can enjoy your game time.This way is obviously not the ideal solution, but it does work. If you prefer to use Bluetooth audio for your Switch or PS4, considering this setup. Besides, TR008 wireless transmitter is capable to use with desktop, TV, car stereo system etc. It’s really a very useful device!

Created on August 31, 2017
# of questions: 1

The Creation of the Aman Atma Product Range Quiz
Questions designed to better understand the Product Range and what influenced it's creation.
1) "Chosen for [purest of globally sourced natural and organic ingredients] ability to support tangible emotional and spiritual change they encourage... :

Created on August 30, 2017
# of questions: 1

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