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1) Perhatikan table berikut iniNilai Frekuensi40-42 1343-45 946-48 749-51 1152-54 1955-57 1558-60 8Modus dari data di atas adalah…. : 55,5

Created on November 17, 2017
# of questions: 1

Geography USA facts
Want to test yourself on the USA?
1) Who is the President of the USA? : Donald Trump
2) What is the population of the USA? : 325 million people
3) How big is the USA in area/square miles? : 3.7 million square miles
4) Who is the Secretary of state of the USA? : Rex Tillerson
5) What is the longest river system in the USA? : The Mississippi - Missouri river system

Created on November 17, 2017
# of questions: 7

black friday Trendy:Jollyhers Dresses For Little Girls
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Created on November 16, 2017
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Social Studies Chapter 1 Review Quiz
Review for test
1) Name the three things that geographers study. : People
2) Physical regions are divided into three parts. Name them. : Plants and animals
3) Name two tools geographers use to study the earth. : Plateaus
4) One landform found in the ocean is a trench. : True
5) Four types of landforms are mountains, valleys, plains, and grass. : True

Created on November 16, 2017
# of questions: 6

Religion Essay 1 Quiz

1) Mathew and John were eyewitnesses because: : They knew St. Paul.
2) St. Mark showed direct Eyewitness testimony because: : He knew St. Peter

Created on November 16, 2017
# of questions: 2

Kuis Berhadia
Jawablah dengan Pilihan JAWAB BENAR ATAU SALAH
1) Jumlah huruf alfabet adalah 26 : True
2) Kota Kediri termasuk Provensi Jawa Barart : True
3) Pencipta lagu indonesi raya adalah Iman SuCAHYO : True

Created on November 16, 2017
# of questions: 3

Kuis Berhadia
Jawab Dengan Benar

Created on November 16, 2017
# of questions: 0

فسري مفهوم البركان
خروج المواد المنصهرة من باطن الأرض
1) فسري مفهوم القصبة؟ : تصل بين غرفة الصهير والماجما
2) اذكري انواع الزلازل : تكتونية

Created on November 15, 2017
# of questions: 2

la esquizofrenia
leer atentamente las preguntas
1) ¿que sintomas se componen cuando sufres de esquisofrenia? : A.pierden la capacidad siente sintomas depresion D.circunstancias
2) ¿cuales son los facores ambientales de la esquizofrenia? : A.factores internos B.factores externos C.factores agriarios D.factores impares
3) otros sintomas pueden ser? : desconfianza excesiva B.el aburriemiento C.el enojo felicidad
4) ¿que es la esquizofrenia? : A.sufrir demasiado B.estar trizte C.enfermedad mental D.suicidarze sin razon
5) ¿que son los neurotransmitores? : A.alteraciones quimicas B.alteraciones cardiales C.canceres D.problemas pulmonares

Created on November 15, 2017
# of questions: 6

Sociology Quiz

1) Sex is based on social distinctions : True
2) How much do women earn on average for every dollar earned by a white man based on 2013 U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics? : 80 cents
3) Which of the following are true of contemporary marketing and advertising? : Products are stillmostly marketed to women
4) When compared to males, females are : Less competent in reading and writing assessments
5) The increasing number of women who are being channeled into low status, poorly paid manualwork is referred to as : feminization of work

Created on November 15, 2017
# of questions: 20

American architecture Quiz

1) Give famous examples of the Ranch building : US Capitol Building

Created on November 15, 2017
# of questions: 1


1) When were the first buildings in Ranch style built? : in the 1930s
2) The ranch house is considered a subtype of which architecture style? : modern-style architecture
3) List the key elements of Ranch style : Single-floor living, Asymmetry, Sliding glass doors, Backyard emphasis, The garage
4) Give famous examples of the Ranch building : Rancho del Cielo, The homes of Joseph Eichler
5) For what purpose were the Ranch houses created? : Ranch houses were created for the California landscape and climate.

Created on November 15, 2017
# of questions: 5

Writ 101 Quiz
The parts of a rhetorical essay that one should know before writing their paper.
1) Purpose : The purpose is the reason someone wrote the rhetorical situation and the goals they hope to reach. Why you're writing/goals.
2) Audience : The audience is the recipients of the rhetorical situation who have certain expectations when they read the paper. group/person receiving information.
3) Genre : The genre is the type of rhetorical situation or classification that the paper is held under. Category or type
4) Stance : The stance is the writer showing the position in the paper and showing the importance of the subject to the audience. Position and relationship to the subject.
5) Media/Design : The media is the shape of the rhetorical situation and the design is the specific details of how a rhetorical situation looks. Presentation.

Created on November 14, 2017
# of questions: 5

Shakespeare - Act I quiz

1) what were Hermia's three choices having to do with her marriage? : marry demetrius, become a nun, or die
2) when was shakespeare's birthday? : april 23, 1564
3) when was shakespeare's death? : april 23, 1616
4) where was shakespeare from? : stratford-upon-avon
5) anne hathaway was about 6 years younger than shakespeare. TRUE or FALSE? : false

Created on November 14, 2017
# of questions: 18

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