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Voice - Week 5 - Assessment Quiz
For exams: from slide 40 onwards left (tech gear)
1) The ideal protocol for voice problems:•Patient history (chart)•Presenting problems (interview)•Oral peripheral•Perception – diagnostic probing tasks•Videostroboscopy•Acoustics•Aerodynamics / efficiency•Subjective rating by patient*•Voice related quality of life* : True
2) Auditory-perceptual assessments include:•Perceptual Voice Profile (Oates)•CAPE-V•GRBAS : True
3) Asthenia relates to : weakness
4) breathiness relates to : air leakage/VFs not fully adducted
5) The 'G' in 'GBRAS' stands for 'grade' which tests the : overall hoarseness

Created on August 30, 2015
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Voice - Week 3 - Structural pathologies and vascular lesions

1) One of the most common benign pathologies resulting from phonotrauma, for example... : pass
2) Inflammatory degeneration of SLLP is associated with : nodules and oedema
3) Three types of nodules described in the literature: –Acute–Chronic–Reactive nodular change : False
4) •Acute nodules:–Arise from traumatic or hyperfunctional voice use–Appear gelatinous in nature–Gelatinous appearance arises from oedema in Reinke’s space while overlaying epithelium remains normal : False
5) •Chronic nodules:–Usually appear firm, callous like–Fixed to underlying mass of the mucosa due to increased fibrosis and thickened epithelium : False

Created on August 30, 2015
# of questions: 42

LDATL Wk5 - Acquired - Session 2 of 2 with Bronwyn
Adult acquired language disorders module - approaches to aphasia rehabilitation
1) Clinical Centre for Research Excellence - $2.5 million in funding over 5 years : False
2) CCRE [Clinical Centre for Research Excellence] Main outcome: Development of the Australian Aphasia Rehabilitation Pathway–Translation of evidence into best practice across the continuum of care : False
3) The Australian Aphasia Rehabilitation Pathway involves: receiving the right referrals, making initial contact, setting goals and measuring outcomes, assessing, providing intervention, enhancing the communicative environment, enhancing personal factors and planning for transitions and discharge. : False
4) Knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE)•A reciprocal process – an interactive interchange between research users and research producers•Consider in terms of “impact” and “dissemination” of findingsIdentify those who create the knowledge; those who disseminate it; those who can use it•Development of “Guidelines” based on best practice•The best form of knowledge transfer is co-production of the research (decision makers, clinicians, researchers)•Examples: “A community of practice” - “Research Advisory/ Reference Groups” : False
5) Approaches to aphasia interventionContemporary position is to describe two broad approaches•Language impairment-based approach(draws on models of normal language and cognitive processing to determine language breakdown and treatment)•Consequences approach(encompasses approaches described as functional, social, life participation, psychosocial) : False

Created on August 30, 2015
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LDATL Wk 5 - Acquired 1 of 2 w Jade Quiz
Introduction to a cognitive neuropsychological approach to language disorders. See slides 19 to 28 for detailed descriptions of using the CNP model for single words.
1) The CNP model is a : pass
2) The PALPA model/assessment evaluates the effects of different inputs and outputs on a damaged language system. The PALPA is NOT intended to be used in its entirety. : False
3) CNP = cognitive neuropsychology : True
4) The universality principle states that : pass
5) Functional modularity is the concept that : pass

Created on August 29, 2015
# of questions: 22

COnocer las funciones del verbo
1) Cúal es la funcion principla del verbo? : Nombrar al sujetoDescribe la acción del sustantivoComplementar la oración
2) El sujeto es el que realiza la acción del verbo : True

Created on August 29, 2015
# of questions: 2

Soal Tik kelas 8 Semester 1
Kerjakanlah soal-soal di bawah ini!
1) Yang dimaksud title bar adalah .... A. Baris yang berisi nama program dan nama dokumen yang sedang aktif B. Baris yang berisi gambar-gambar perintah C. Baris yang berisi informasi tentang halaman yang aktif dan letak kursor D. Baris yang berisi perintah-perintah berupa menu : D. Baris yang berisi perintah-perintah berupa menu
2) Perintah pada menu Insert – Picture berfungsi untuk .... A.Menyisipkan file lain B.Mengatur obyek gambar C.Menyisipkan obyek lain D.Menyisipkan gambar dari Clipart, file, autoshape : D.Menyisipkan gambar dari Clipart, file, autoshape
3) Perintah perintah yang berupa menu format adalah .... A.Open, bullet, and numbering, cut B.Font, paragraph, bullets and numbering C.Cut, save, replace D.Open, save, cut : A.Open, bullet, and numbering, cut
4) Di bawah ini merupakan sub menu Edit, kecuali .... A.Copy B.Cut C.Replace D.Open : C.Replace
5) Perintah yang digunakan untuk menggabungkan baris / kolom pada menu tabel adalah .... A.Split cell B. Merge cell C.Insert D.Sort : B. Merge cell

Created on August 28, 2015
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they will dominate world football for some
Atletico FIFA 15 defender before: the effectiveness of the Bundesliga is my childhood dream Monchengladbach Spanish FIFA 15 defender Domingos accepted the 'Aspen' interview, he revealed his reasons to the Bundesliga, and spoke of the Spanish Ultimate Team in the World Cup defeat. Domingos recently accepted the 'Aspen' interview, he explains why he came to the first Bundesliga: 'I grew up expecting to play abroad, such as England, Italy or Germany. I finally got the chance to join Borussia Moenchengladbach, which is a historic Ultimate Team, I am very glad to be here. '' I have lived in Spain for 23 years, regardless of the newspaper or opponent, everything is always the same, I feel like I need to accept new challenges. 'After the World Cup, club Ultimate Teammates have avoided talking about the Spanish Ultimate Team to defeat me, I think this is very worthy of respect. 'Spain's defeat was the end of an era. Although this is difficult to accept, but we can not always won the championship, it is impossible to always remain the same honor heart and desire. 'Even in Spain it is impossible to ut coins win every year. Someday, there will be a new Ultimate Team to become champions. 'Germany is a very strong Ultimate Team. Now this generation of German FIFA 15 players are very good, they will dominate world football for some time in the future. 'On the Road Domingos final.


Created on August 27, 2015
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Social Studies Quiz
Location test
1) How many degrees are between the North Pole and the South Pole? : 180 degrees, they are each 90 degrees from the Equator.
2) How many degrees is the Equator? : Zero degrees, it is the starting point.
3) Who uses absolute location? : A mailman, a pilot, and the EMS.
4) The equator is... : An invisible line that goes through the middle of the earth.

Created on August 27, 2015
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Home Economics Interest Quiz

1) What is an interest? : your favorite activities
2) Technology : practical use of scientific knowledge
3) interests inventory : checklist that points to your strongest interests
4) values : items you believe are important
5) work values : things about work that are important to you

Created on August 27, 2015
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Religion test Quiz

1) What is the Advent color? : Violet for royalty
2) What do you do during Advent? : Prepare for Jesus' prayer/birth
3) What is the symbol for Advent? : Advent wreath
4) What does Advent begin? : Liturgical Year and 4th Sunday before Christmas
5) How long is Advent? : 4 Weeks

Created on August 27, 2015
# of questions: 48

Med Term Chapter 5
Integumentary System
1) purpura : purple-red discoloration
2) Pruritus : itching
3) subcutaneous : below the skin
4) carbuncle : skin infection composed of a cluster of boils
5) Burn : injury to the skin caused by excessive exposure to fire, chemicals, or sunlight

Created on August 27, 2015
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Med Term2

1) -Phasia : speaking
2) -phagia : eating
3) emesis : vomiting
4) -malacia : softening
5) -opsy : view

Created on August 27, 2015
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1) 1) Durante la preparación y manipulación, Ivan puede usar anillos en sus manos porque son de metales nobles (oro o platino) y al estar bien ajustados al dedo no existe riesgo de contaminación a los alimentos. : True
2) El procedimiento de frotado en el lavado de manos no está bien realizado. : True
3) 3) El tiempo del procedimiento de lavado de manos es suficiente para eliminar la suciedad. : True

Created on August 27, 2015
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tag questions
1) do you have a dog? : haven´t you?

Created on August 27, 2015
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