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SCL Quiz
Yang Bisa Jawab Hanya Orang Yang Sering Bermain Di SCL
1) Siapa FOUNDER Di SCL ? ( Nama Panjang ) : Rudi Kurniawan
2) Nama OWNER Di SCL ? ( Nama Panjang ) : Satria Lutfi
3) Kenapa SCL Hancur ? : Ada Hacker
4) Siapa Pembuat Quiz :v ( Orang Tamvan ) : Abd Rahman Alkaff
5) Apa Kepanjangan SCL : Star Craft Legion

Created on August 02, 2015
# of questions: 6

The trip

1) Name uncle : Chalo
2) Saya grandma : Pili
3) Andreina kid no. : 3

Created on August 01, 2015
# of questions: 3


1) What is a dribble? : When you bounce a ball
2) what year was basketball invented : 1891
3) what year was basketball introduced to the olympics : 1936

Created on August 01, 2015
# of questions: 3

Monkey Quiz

1) What. Is the coolest monkey in the world? : Spider monkey
2) Is a monkey a mammal? : True
3) A tail that can grab is called what? : Grabber
4) Monkeys are part of what group? : Lizards

Created on August 01, 2015
# of questions: 4

RID Sample Generalist Written Test Quiz

1) Which of the following lingustic features is found in ASL but not in English? : posessive pronouns
2) From a cultural perspective, the core Deaf community is most appropriately thought of as a: : billingual community
3) The setting in which it is LEAST likely that a Deaf person would be working as an interpreter is: : at an international conference on sign language research
4) Most content adjustments that intepreters make are either lingustic or: : cultural
5) Mainstreaming became widespread in the US primarily because of the: : enactment of Civil Rights legislation

Created on July 31, 2015
# of questions: 76

Swallowing, week 1, lectures 1 & 2
Monday the 27th of July
1) Centre the bolus on the tongue before swallowing, tongue becomes spoon-like in shape to steady the bolus. Back of the tongue lowers, tongue tip elevates and food pushed down into pharynx. Epiglottis is now covering the airway which is elevated an the bolus is in the upper pharynx. Epiglottis tilts right over and bolus goes over cricopharyngeus (posterior to larynx), one of the inferior constrictor muscles. : True
2) If you do feel something in the oesophagus, it's more like to be in the ___________ pharyngeal area : upper
3) The three reflexes are : gag, retch, cough
4) The lips tense and close thanks to the orbicularis oris, the cheeks tense and reduce the buccal space thanks to the buccinators and the jaw and teeth enclose the lingual cavity. : True
5) The tongue : moves the food around the mouth and onto the molars to eventually end up on the centre of the tongue for swallowing (soft palate lowered in preparation to collect the bolus before swallowing)

Created on July 30, 2015
# of questions: 64

1) 你好? : 你好!

Created on July 30, 2015
# of questions: 1

AUDI90028 Lectures 3 and 4: Voice histology, genes, development and theories of phonation

1) Which of the following pairings is correct in regards to the objective and subjective dimensions of sound: : Magnitude = LoudnessFrequency = PitchDuration = Fast/slow
2) Magnitude is measured in: : Hertz (Hz)
3) The more cycles per second, the _____ the pitch. The less cycles per second, the ___ the pitch. : Lower; higher
4) Complete the sentence:_____ sounds are pure tones of different frequencies that have a repetitive pattern, whereas _____ sounds are complex tones that are random in nature. : Periodic; aperiodic
5) Where intrinsic muscles of the larynx are concerned, adduction of the vocal folds is facilitated by the _____ and _____ muscles, whereas abduction of the vocal folds is mediated by the _____ muscles. : Lateral cricoarytenoid; interarytenoid; posterior cricoarytenoid

Created on July 29, 2015
# of questions: 21

Examen mensual

1) el membrete es un documento de gestion : True

Created on July 28, 2015
# of questions: 1

1) fsdg : gfsdg
2) fdsgdfs : gfsgfd

Created on July 28, 2015
# of questions: 2 Quiz
clasificación de circulo de la cosecha. Recopila dibujos y fotos de los circulos de la cosecha cronolicamente desde el año 800 hasta el 2015.
1) objetivos: concretos, bien definidos... servicios ofrecidos: : sí
2) correcta y clara de recordar, URL correcto? : no, si eres español (pagina original en ingles)
3) muestras contenidos y servicios de manera precisa? : sí
4) La estructura del sitio esta bien orientada al usuario? : sí
5) ¿El look & feel general se corresponde con los objetivos, características, contenidos y servicios del sitio web? : hay coherencia, sencillo.

Created on July 28, 2015
# of questions: 31

Actitud hacia el estudio
Identificar una actitud favorable o desfavorable hacia el estudio
1) Sexo : Femenino
2) Me agrada leer : Siempre
3) Acostumbro a subrayar mientras leo : Siempre

Created on July 28, 2015
# of questions: 3

Cuestionario de actitud hacia el estudio
Pretende explorar los intereses y preferencias al momento de estudiar.
1) Sexo : Femenino Masculino
2) Grado : Primero/segundo Tercero/cuarto Quinto/sexto
3) Lugar de estudios : Colegio Escuela
4) Me agrada leer : Siempre Casi siempre Casi nunca Nunca
5) Acostumbro a subrayar ideas principales cuando leo : Siempre Casi siempre Casi nunca Nunca

Created on July 28, 2015
# of questions: 5

AUDI90030 Lectures 3 and 4: An introduction to acquired adult language disorders

1) Which of the following is NOT classed as a cognitive-communication disorder? : Traumatic brain injury
2) Which of the following is NOT a typical characteristic of right-hemisphere syndrome? : Comprehension and expression appear functional
3) Which of the following is NOT a typical characteristic of traumatic brain injury (TBI)? : Problems initiating communication
4) Which of the following best describes the characteristics of the MIDDLE stages of dementia? : Semantic language is most affected; speech is fluent and grammatical but vague with some word-finding problems
5) Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of aphasia? : It involves an acquired impairment of language modalities and functions

Created on July 28, 2015
# of questions: 16

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