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canada and united states.W

1) Where is Arizona : a dry state
2) Where is the Atlantic Ocean : next to east side of US
3) Where is New York : Has New York City in the state
4) Where is Montana : known for hiking
5) Where is Oregon : A very cold state

Created on November 21, 2014
# of questions: 6

canada and united states

1) where is Michigan : near the Great Lakes
2) where is Florida : Near Georgia
3) Where is New York : It has New York City in the state
4) Where is Oregon : Right under washington
5) Where is California : unbalanced state

Created on November 21, 2014
# of questions: 6

CDC Vol 5

1) What is the Air forces primary human resource system? : personnel concepts III
2) What is the maximum number of unused leave days the air force can pay members for? : 30 days
3) What is emergency leave? : Chargeable leave that is granted to members who are under medical care as part of their prescribed treatment.
4) How many continental US (CONUS) or outside of CONUS (OCONUS) permissive TDY days may a losing commander approve for eligible members? : 20 days conus / 30 days oconus

Created on November 21, 2014
# of questions: 4

what celebrity will you be?
youre personality will determion
1) what movie do you like best : not interested in movies
2) which is cuter? : you
3) if had a choice were would you go? : antartica
4) who do you want to be? : nonone

Created on November 21, 2014
# of questions: 4

Polyatomic Ions
Group 1 - WCHS

Created on November 21, 2014
# of questions: 0

India- Hinduism and Buddhism test

1) Maurya Empire : 321-183 B.C.E, well administered government. covered most of India and pakistan
2) Gupta Empire : 320-720, most of India
3) Han Empire : 206 B.C-A.D 220, Central asia to eastern asia coast
4) Qin Empire : 221 B.C-210 B.C, eastern asia coast
5) Ganges River : longest river originating in India

Created on November 21, 2014
# of questions: 20

greek and latin roots week 9

1) stric, strict : tighten
2) patr : father
3) cele : honor
4) agri : field
5) miss, mit : send

Created on November 20, 2014
# of questions: 15

chemical used in dry cleaning
1) chemical used in dry cleaning : carbon tetrachloride
2) special use of repetition : anaphora
3) tool used to dig : auger
4) specific tools in writing or speaking : rhetorical devices
5) group of lines in similar length or pattern : stanza

Created on November 20, 2014
# of questions: 10

Intro To Allied Health FINAL EXAM Quiz
Medical Terminology, Federal Organizations, etc.
1) FDA : Food & Drug Administration Federal organization who oversees distribution of cosmetics, medicine, and food.
2) Allergy & Autoimmune Specialist : Immunologist
3) Doctor who specializes in arthritis & osteoporosis : Rheumatologist
4) Lung Specialist : Pulmonologist
5) Doctor of the FEMALE reproductive system : Gynecologist

Created on November 20, 2014
# of questions: 79

CDC Volume 4 Quiz

1) Which term is defined as a funding document that represents cash and authorizes commands to commit funds? : An annual budget authorization
2) The amount of operations and maintenance (O&M) dollars which a command/base can reasonably expect to receive to carry out its mission for the forthcoming operating year is called : A call for estimates
3) Which term represents an intent to purchase that will eventually become a legal obligation? : Call for estimates
4) Which statement best defines the operating budget account number (OBAN)? : Code representing personnel equipment and facilities
5) Which entity or unit of activity is subordinate to a responsibility center? : Program element

Created on November 20, 2014
# of questions: 25

Trabajo 2 Bloque 3 Base de datos Quiz
Actividad de Administración de base de datos por Campos Montero Daniel
1) ¿Se puede crear una base de datos para correos Online? : False
2) ¿Para que se utiliza un servidor de base de datos ? : Para crear información relacionada entre si y mostrarla en pantalla
3) Los servidores de base de datos ¿para que usan el alojamiento de paginas web ? : Para insertar contenido de paginas web y hacerlas mas dinámicas.
4) ¿Cual de estos son unos de los servidores de base de datos mas conocidos ? : Oracle
5) ¿Que programas te permiten general bases de datos? : Novel

Created on November 20, 2014
# of questions: 8

2nd Month Exam - Science - Quiz
4.4 The Nature of Sound - Sound Quality 5.1 The Nature of Light - What is Light? 5.2 The Nature of Light - The EM Spectrum 5.3 The Nature of Light - Interactions of Light Waves 5.4 The Nature of Light- Light and Color
1) What does sound quality mean? : Sound quality is the result of the blending of several pitches through interference.
2) Why is the sound produced from different musical instruments different. : The different structures and the way vibrations are produced.
3) What do we mean by noise and sound? : Noise is an irregular pattern of frequencies while sound is a constant pattern.
4) What do we mean by the electromagnetic field? : An area in which electromagnetic waves can travel through. It is a field in which electric and magnetic fields are moving perpendicular to each other.
5) What is the difference between the electric field and the magnetic field? : The electric field surrounds every charged object while the magnetic field surrounds every magnet.

Created on November 20, 2014
# of questions: 5


1) Name precursor lesions in lung cancer : Goblet Cell hyperplasia Basal Cell Hyperplasia Squamos Meteplasia Squamos Dysplasia
2) Lung Squamos Carcinoma: describe : Associated with precurser squamos metaplasia and squamos dysplasia, p53 mutations
3) Metaplasia : REVERSIBLE replacement of one differentiated cell type with another differentiated cell type
4) Hyperplasia : increase in the number of cells or a proliferation of cells.
5) Dysplasia : Abnormality

Created on November 20, 2014
# of questions: 7


Created on November 19, 2014
# of questions: 3

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