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Southeast Region

1) What landforms are found in the Southeast? : All of the above
2) How are barrier reefs formed? : The fish build them
3) Describe the Outer Coastal Plains. : An area of with varied elevation and forests
4) Where did Ponce de Leon explore? : Alabama
5) St. Augustine was the first permanent European settlement in the area that is now the United States : False

Created on February 21, 2017
# of questions: 17

mouvements poétiques Quiz
révisions sur les mouvements, auteurs et oeuvres
1) Je suis un mouvement poétique du XVIème siècle regroupant 7 poètes qui voulaient renouveler la langue et la poésie : le Romantisme
2) Membre de la Pléiade, j'ai rédigé "Défense et illustration de la langue française" (1549) : Du Bellay
3) Avec Du Bellay, je suis un des plus célèbres membres de la Pléiade : Ronsard
4) Je suis un mouvement littéraire du XIXème siècle s'opposant au Classicisme qui exalte les sentiments personnels et les passions : le Romantisme
5) Chef de file du Romantisme, je suis connu entre autres pour mon recueil lyrique "Les Contemplations" et pour mon recueil engagé "Les Châtiments" : Victor Hugo

Created on February 21, 2017
# of questions: 20

Language test
check students vocabulary knowledge.
1) what is the synonym of happy? : 1. sad2. misereble3. angry4. delighted

Created on February 21, 2017
# of questions: 1

Evaluación Historia
Examen de Historia quinto grado
1) Presidente de México que duró más de 30 años en el poder : Porfirio Diaz

Created on February 20, 2017
# of questions: 1

Test 2 Quiz
1) The nurse is caring for a pediatric patient following tonsillectomy. Which of the following is unique to pediatric assessment and nursing care? : A child’s behavioral response to pain is affected by age and developmental level.
2) When can a child with impetigo whom has started topical antibiotics return to daycare? : After 48hrs
3) A child is receiving continuous Morphine by patient controlled analgesia pump to control pain. Which side effect would the nurse have the greatest concern? : Changes in LOC
4) The surface area of the palm and the palmar surface of the digits of any patient represents approximately 1% of that patient's total body surface area. : True
5) The nurse is caring for a 6 year old patient brought into the ER for burns from a house fire. The nurse notes burn areas surrounding the patient’s nose and mouth upon initial assessment. Which of the following is lowest priority for the nurse to take action on? : Presence of an ileus

Created on February 20, 2017
# of questions: 23

Ramona and her Father 3rd Quiz

1) worried or nervous about something : alarmed
2) angry : pretend
3) to have been in charge of planning, organizing, and running a particular event : anxious
4) something or someone caused you to feel frightened or afraid : anxious
5) you imagine or make believe that something is happening : pretend

Created on February 20, 2017
# of questions: 9

1) designed to convey knowledge, understand : informative speech
2) effective informative speaking : accurately, clearly, meaningful information, interesting
3) informative speech : objects (describe something), process, events, concepts,
4) speech about objects : visible, tangible, stay informed
5) speech about process : reads to desire and result

Created on February 20, 2017
# of questions: 35

Test 3
1) The ability to look laterally involves what cranial nerve and eye muscle. Pick 2 : VI
2) A toddler has had recurrent respiratory infections. The mother of the child expresses concern that her infant seems to be at increased risk for complications from respiratory infections in comparison with her older children. The best response from the nurse would be: : “The younger child’s airways are smaller and more easily occluded.”
3) At a hemophilia camp, several children with injuries arrive at the clinic at the same time. When prioritizing care for the children, the child who require lowest priority, last to be seen, from the nurse is the child with which of the following injuries? : Abrasion to both arms
4) A 12 year old suffers a major facial laceration playing hockey and is complaining of decreased taste of foods and inability to make facial expressions to the same side the injury occurred at. The nurse knows the child may have permanent damage to which cranial nerve? : VII facial
5) The nurse is giving Cefzil to a 24 month old with bacterial pharyngitis. The nuse notes pathches of white on the child’s oral mucosa that cannot be removed. Which condition does the nurse suspect? : Oral thrush caused by Candida albicans

Created on February 20, 2017
# of questions: 8


1) What constitutes a threat to the security of Canada? Mark all that apply. : Foreign-influenced activities

Created on February 20, 2017
# of questions: 1

About CSIS

1) What constitutes a threat to the security of Canada? : Foreign-influenced activity
2) Does CSIS differ from the RCMP? : False
3) What does CSIS stand for? : Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Created on February 20, 2017
# of questions: 3

E. Changes 3rd Quiz

1) The conditions that affect and influence the growth, development, behavior, and survival or organisms: : evironment
2) the rising of water that overflows onto normally dry land : movement
3) long period of dry weather or shortage of rainfall : movement
4) to grow or develop successfully : thrive

Created on February 20, 2017
# of questions: 4

Psych 301 - Quiz 1

1) The ___________provides a means of setting a more stringent alpha level for multiple tests to minimize Type I errors. : Bonferroni adjustment
2) A __________ is an inert substance that subjects believe is a treatment. : Placebo
3) A(n) ___________ is an inferential statistical test for comparing the means of three or more groups. : ANOVA
4) The mean performance across all participants is represented by the ___________. : Grand mean
5) ____________ is an inferential statistic for measuring effect size with an ANOVA. : Eta-squared

Created on February 19, 2017
# of questions: 14

Maths Dida Quiz

1) Sur quelle notion s'appuie la construction du nombre au cycle 1 ? : La notion de quantité : La quantité n'est pas la caractéristique d'un objet mais d'une COLLECTION d'objets.Cela implique la STABILISATION des petits nombres (entre 2 et 4 ans jusqu'à 5 puis après 4 ans jusqu'à 10)
2) En cycle 1, quel exercice peut-on mettre en pratique dans "utiliser le nombre pour désigner un rang, une position" ? : La comptine numérique : permet de garder en mémoire le rang (troisième perle, cinquième cerceau)
3) En fin de Cycle 1, quel nombre les élèves connaissent verbalement ? quel nombre reconnaissent-ils à l'écrit ? : 30 en fin de grande section verbalement10 à l'écrit
4) En cycle 1, que doit-être capable de faire l'élève pour dénombrer une collection d'objets ? : Synchroniser la la récitation de la suite de mots-nombres avec le POINTAGE des objets à dénombrer.
5) Quels exercices peuvent-être proposés par l'enseignant pour le dénombrement de collections d'objets ? : - Mettre dans une boite, poser sur une autre boite = Organisation spatiale- Collection organisée dans l'espace ou non, collection organisée sur une feuille ou pas = disposition certaines collections ne se déplacent pas.

Created on February 19, 2017
# of questions: 12


1) Hoe vind ik het aantal cursussen dat meester 'Klaasen' doceert ? : SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Course JOIN Teacher ON Course.teacherID = Teacher.teacherID WHERE = 'Klaasen'

Created on February 17, 2017
# of questions: 1

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